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A Lot Can Happen in a Year…

A year ago yesterday, I started my blog here on wordpress. Crazy, right?? So much has happened and changed, some things for the better, some things for the worse. Even my blog changed (it really was a spur of the moment decision and I am still conflicted about it but…moving on).

The fact that I did not even blog for the majority of that year seems irrevelant. I blogged about a lot of important turning points (and some not-so-important things) and I think that is what counts. Here is just a brief summary of everything that happened during the last year:

-I got Jasper (my jug puppy) and Ramona (my sweet–turned-crazy tabby kitty) who are both 15 months now. Yes, I celebrate their month birthdays. What can I say, they are my babies;)

-I got a therapist and a dietician…it did not work out but everything happens for a reason!

-I got my first job (and eventually quit my first job…so many fun, crazy, and down right ridiculous stories there!)

-I went to my first ever baseball game, ate popcorn, and watched my twinsy win a free t-shirt (thankfully no one was knocked out by a foul ball). I really enjoyed it, even though I did not understand 99% of it and our team lost in the end. They played hard though so that is what counts.

-I wrote my first research report and survived. Enough said.

-I turned 17 (although, really, it does not feel much different than 16…)

I probably missed a lot of things but there is the gist of the things I have done since starting my blog. Who knows what will happen next. As far as my blog goes, I miss it terribly and I am determined to write at least one post a week (more if I feel like it). 

Thanks for following my blogging journey so far and I can not wait to see where this blog goes!



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