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Nobody’s Life is Perfect (so stop thinking it is)

This topic has been on my mind a lot today for whatever reason so I thought, why not blog about it? So after an unexpected 8 hour shift at work and a billion other things left to do, it’s time to write about all my deep thoughts…Yeah not really but bear with me anyway:)


It could just be me, but a lot of times I look at other people’s lives and instantly feel bad about my own. Especially as I approach the mature age of 18 (becoming an official adult and all that jazz) I feel even more pressured to have it all figured out. To do more, plan more, and just BE more.

And not only do people my age (and in general) seem to have life figured out but they also seem to always be happy.

Perhaps this is partly because when you are going through a difficult time yourself, anyone else’s happiness becomes even more apparent. But it’s also because, at least most of the time, people only show the outside world what they want to. This is especially  true on social media. People are going to post about good, exciting moments in their lives. And while that makes sense, it’s easy to see why we can come up with some false assumptions.


Here’s some truth that we all know but often don’t want to admit to ourselves: Nobody is perfect. Nobody’s life is perfect and they more than likely don’t have every aspect of it figured out. We go through so many seasons of happiness, sadness, stillness, craziness, and everything in-between.

So if you are worried that you don’t have certain things figured out (like me) or you’re feeling bad about feeling bad while EVERYONE ELSE is so happy…Take a step back. Things change, you figure stuff out, and remember: you don’t know everything about someone else’s life. Not your best friend or even your siblings. Much less some random person on Instagram or Facebook.

And really, life is hard enough without comparing your story to someone else’s.


Okay, enough deep thoughts for tonight. My bed is calling and so is my halfway finished mystery novel.

Look out for an updated about page in the next few days (fingers crossed). For now, SLEEP.






One thought on “Nobody’s Life is Perfect (so stop thinking it is)

  1. I agree…my life is an absolute WRECK. But looking at my blog you might not necessarily see that. I’m hoping to write some posts on that fact, but I’m not sure where to start right now, so I’ll write those when it comes to me. But I’m almost 22, and have no idea what I’m doing, or what I should do with life. I’m a mess. But if you wouldn’t know by looking.

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