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Change Starts With You (or, my deep thoughts on change)

So today, I felt like coming on here and writing so here I am. I have decided to make this little blog of mine (which has been long neglected) a sort of online journal where I document my hopes, dreams, frustrations, and revelations. For me, that is what blogging is about. Sharing ideas and thoughts without thinking about the number of likes or followers your post may generate.

Today I will be sharing my revelation of the day which is simply this: Be the change you want to see. And also, along those same lines, any change that you want to make in your life begins with a thought but does not end with a thought. 

Wow, I just went deep there. And yes, I do realize that these thoughts or concepts are not new or different. They have been around for quite some time (probably since the beginning of time) but thinking about how these things apply to my life in particular is a bit difficult.

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Like, yeah, okay, I’ll be the change I want to see, blah blah blah. And change takes action, not just a thought or idea.

What does that even mean???

For me, personally, it means taking ownership of my recovery and life in general and living according to my standards. Not society’s standards or my ED’s standards or what have you. If I don’t believe in diet culture and the message that “thin is better”, etc than I have to choose to be the change I want to see.

That means not dieting, body checking, engaging in disordered behaviors, or obsessing over my weight. If I honestly believe that as a culture, our mindset needs to change around those things, I have to work on changing my mindset first.

And the second revelation: Change starts with a thought but does not end with a thought.

Or as Tom Ziglar put it…

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Again, when it comes to recovery and trying to be more loving towards myself, I have to take active steps to reach my goals. I can sit here all day long and preach about how great body positivity is and how wonderful eating intuitively (or slowly working towards that) is but if I’m engaging in actions that directly contradict that message, than it doesn’t even matter. Words and thoughts are great but you have to translate those things into actions as well.


That is my little rant for the day. My “food for thought” if you will that I will now try my best to put into action.






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