Welcome to Freely Sarah Blog, my little piece of the internet!




The Basics: 


  • I am currently 17, turning 18 in June
  • I have a twin sister (yes, I am the older one…by two minutes anyway)
  • I also have 4 other sisters and 3 brothers, for a grand total of 8 siblings.
  • I have been home schooled all my life except for a couple of brief periods at public school and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • I currently work at a fast food restaurant part time which is interesting, to say the least (except for when it stays dead for hours and there is absolutely nothing to except clean. You can only wipe down tables so many times…)


The Story Behind the Blog

I first began to blog in July 2015 after coming back from residential eating disorder treatment in March. I needed somewhere to, more or less, rant about my feelings and maybe connect with a few other bloggers along the way. Also it seemed cheaper than therapy so…why not?

However, in September of last year, I wanted to take my blog in a new direction. What had started out as a way to talk about my struggles and triumphs in recovery (along with some random life stuff thrown in) had turned into so much more. I wanted to try to figure out my life beyond anorexia and recovery. So I created my current blog, Freely Sarah.

As the name implies, this blog is a place for me to be freely me. A place I can apologetically share my opinions and feelings about any topic imaginable.




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