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The One With the Therapist (…sort of)

I have been to many therapists. Okay, maybe “many” is too strong a word. But I have been to more than most people and I have come away with quite a few interesting, if not always enlightening, experiences. However, I would have to say that the one I had today (technically yesterday…it is currently midnight)… Continue reading The One With the Therapist (…sort of)

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The Blog Where I Figure Shit Out

…Or, more accurately, rant about stuff that I can’t figure out (like Algebra, boys, sisters, poverty, eating disorders, annoying customers…life). To put it simply, this blog is going to be about my life, no filter. It’s going to be about topics that I’m passionate about and about things that I’m just starting to explore. It’s… Continue reading The Blog Where I Figure Shit Out